Bastionul Țesătorilor

9 George Coșbuc Street, Brașov

The Bastion of the Weavers, now the Bastion of the Artists, is a defensive tower that belonged to the guild of linen weavers, built in the early 15th century. Built on four levels, with ring bays, oil holes, and two watchtowers, the bastion has a unique architecture in south-eastern Europe. The year 1807 is inlaid on the façade of the entrance to the enclosure in a beam supporting the ceiling. It was then that the three rooms were built for school workshops to train the town's future craftsmen.
In 1908, after serving for a long time only as a warehouse, the bastion took over the adjacent building (guild headquarters) and is increasingly used for parties and especially opera concerts, thanks to its extraordinary acoustic qualities. Since 1950, the Bastion hosts the Bârsa County Museum displaying a model of the old citadel of Brașov and Șchei as it used to ne at the end of the 17th century, as well as weapons and products of the Weavers Guild.