SoNoRo Musikland, 5th edition, 2023

The 5th edition of the SoNoRo Musikland Festival will take place between July 14-23 in some of the most beautiful Transylvanian villages and cities: Brașov, Rășnov, Hălchiu, Criț, Meșendorf, Prod, Sighișoara, Viscri and Saschiz.

While the first SoNoRo Musikland edition focused solely on the Saxon fortified churches area, the second edition expanded and included jam sessions in houses that had been included in the touristic circuit of the area – Meșendorf Gasthaus, Viscri 125 and Cross Country Farm from Prod. These honour the Saxon heritage of the old peasant houses with architectural elements harmoniously integrated in the modern structure of today’s spaces.

“Welcome to the 5th edition! The youngest of the SoNoRo projects expands every year and I’m happy to return, in 2023, to places that have already become traditional SoNoRo Musikland locations. This year, our music shall be heard in new places in Brașov, as well as in some villages of the Transylvanian Highlands area.
At sunset or under the moon light, join us in writing the history of this edition!”

Răzvan Popovici, SoNoRo Musikland Festival Director

This year, SoNoRo Musikland starts with a concert held together with the Brașov Philharmonic in Piața Sfântul Ioan, an urban space reclaimed by the city at the foot of the Tâmpa Hill for outdoor cultural events. We continue with venues included for the first time in this festival, namely: Casa Mureșenilor in Brașov, founded in 1968, and Das Fort Boutique in Râșnov – a wonderful ensemble of 18th century houses, carefully restored and turned into guest houses.

Two other new venues are the Apollonia Cultural Centre, a former Saxon bank built between 1906 and 1908, and Critz Cross in Criț – a recently refurbished guest house with garden and terrace. This year we will also be holding a Musikland concert for the first time at the Fortified Church of Saschiz, built in 1492 and completed in 1525, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

In addition to that, Bastionul Țesătorilor (Weavers Bastion), the Helsdorf Mansion in Hălchiu, the Fortified Church in Meșendorf, the Baroque Hall of the Sighișoara Town Hall, the Viscri 125 Guesthouse, the Cross Country Farm in Prod and the Fortified Church in Viscri are places where we will gladly return and where the 12 internationally renowned musicians will create unique musical moments.