Apollonia Cultural Centre

22 Michael Weiss Street Brașov, Brașov County

The former Saxon bank is one of the representative historical buildings and a symbol of Brașov. Built between 1906 and 1908, it was known as the “Bank of the Bârsa County” and it is one of the few “Jugendstil” buildings in the city, built according to the plans of architect Albert Schuller, who also designed the “Coroana” Hotel, another iconic building of the city. On the site of this edifice stood the home of the famous 16th century merchant woman Apollonia Hirscher, known for her business reaching to the farthest corners of Austria and Turkey and for her donations to the town, and the “Merchants' House” was built exclusively with her funds.
In memory of Apollonia, the new Saxon Bank's building was adorned with the famous stag's horns, which later became a symbol of the building. A medallion fresco depicting Apollonia Hirscher was also painted on the façade. The original painting was done by Friedrich Mieß, then covered over around 1950 and fully restored in 1972 by Gisela Richter. The space, which had been abandoned for the last 20 years, has been renovated and the City Hall of Brașov, with the help of Brașov Philharmonic, aims to introduce this building into the national and international cultural circuit.